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This simple app is a brainstorming tool for contents creators.

Just try to use it lightly when there's nothing to come up with.

You may come up with interesting ideas by choosing from a variety of randomly selected settings.

Capture and archive your favorite ideas.

It could be the beginning of a great story someday.

- Romance
- Mystery
- Fantasy
- Horror

This app supports English & Korean.

Horror Idea Example)
Actor1: A young man who has to inherit the power to seal the darkness because of the house tradition
Actor2: The priest who thinks he/she has received the revelation of the god to get rid of the evil
Stage: A cheap motel which is located in the remote area
Situation: Has find out the evidence for the evil ways of his dead father in the old days

With the above ideas, you can create the following outline :

Jake, the boy who was led around by his alcoholic father. 
His father, who is always afraid of something, tells Jake about his cursed power and the terrible things he has been through, and the same thing would be happened to Jake because of the bloodline.
While Jake is staying at a small motel in a remote, seemingly abandoned town, he became familiar
with a man in a dark suit next door, but unlike his friendly attitude, his eyes are somewhat cold.
Jake’s father, who returned from drinking somewhere, saw the man in the black clothes eating the cheap food with Jake, and was terrified, and leaves Jake and runs away.
The man who smiled at the sight somehow seems to know his father. 
The next day the police come to the motel, and Jake finds out that his father disappeared leaving only his left hand on the outskirts of town… 

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