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Halloween Night is a very very brutal game that a bad-tempered little witch on the hill completes a curse spell to haul villagers during the Halloween afternoon.

With the useless help of such nagging magical creatures, complete the dreadful curse  and show the true meaning of Real Halloween to the brazen people.

To do that, pill valuable ingredients from here and there. 

That is what the noble witches do. 

할로윈 나이트는 언덕 위에 사는 괴팍한 작은 마녀가 할로윈 오후에 마을 주민들을 괴롭히기 위한 저주마법을 완성하는 아주 무시무시한 게임입니다. 

그다지 쓸모없는 마법 생물들의 허접한 도움을 받아 저주를 완성하고 뻔뻔한 주민들에게 진정한 할로윈의 참 의미를 보여주세요. 

귀중한 재료들을 여기저기서 약탈하세요. 

훌륭한 마녀는 그래도 되거든요.  


You can play this game with a mouse but keyboard-play is recommended.

Direction keys: move character

Spacebar: confirm

ESC: call menu


This game supports ENGLISH and KOREAN.



Title menu BGM by https://pocket-se.info/


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win_Halloween_en.zip 116 MB
mac_Halloween_en.zip 116 MB
win_Halloween_kr.zip 116 MB
mac_Halloween_kr.zip 116 MB

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Fun little game.

nice game. i liked the cute humor and hand drawn intro images. the golem's my favorite character. i look forward to playing the sequel sometime.


Thanks! Actually there's a sequel already. ;-) 


Hi !

I had a question.

What software did you build with this game?

I used RPG Maker MV.  (⌒▽⌒)ゞ


wow so cute :) i loved it ...


I had a chance to play through this game and upload it for everyone to watch on my channel for Halloween. The characters were cute, and I especially liked my little Golem buddy. There was a lot of running back and forth, and a lot of the objects were hard to find because of where you had to click to activate them. So while the game was frustrating to play, I stuck it out and made it to the end. Thank you for making it, and I hope you continue to improve upon it. Happy Halloween everyone!


오~ 가벼운 마음으로 했지만 정말 재밌었어요. +_+


It was good enough to do a little feeling of Halloween this year. I didn't count such a good game for this year's Halloween. Thank You!


I really enjoyed this cute RPG game! I love the art and humor, especially those cute creatures. The ending was sweet. -Anna