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Poppy and her... um... not fresh friends are back.

This time, Poppy has to make the magic pickle to curse the town bullies!

Old skull said it would take nearly 10 days. Please help Poppy to do some revenge on bad guys. Would you?!

포피와 그의 우중충한 친구들이 돌아왔습니다. 

이번엔 유일한 마을 친구인 로빈을 위해 저주의 피클을 완성해야 해요!

10일간 최선을 다해주세요! 여드름의 저주를 깡패들에게!


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Halloween Night 1

할로윈 나이트 1도 플레이하실 수 있어요! 위의 이미지를 꾹!

To play Halloween Night 1, just click the image!


This game supports ENGLISH and KOREAN.

If you find any errors, please kindly inform me.



Sound by https://pocket-se.info/


[Hints for Endings]

Ending 1:  High Friendship. Low stench, grudge. Sometimes love make a miracle.

Ending 2:  High grudge, but low stench and tartness for serious revenge.

Ending 3 : Good color and low stench & tartness. I know this is not a typical 'Pickle' taste... but would be worth a bite.

Ending 4: Terrible stench... calls an unexpected result.

Ending 5: High liked and friendship are not essential in pickle making but...

Ending 6: Normal, easy and happiest one. 


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HalloweenN2_en-1.0-mac.zip 32 MB
HalloweenN2_en-1.0-pc.zip 48 MB
HalloweenN2_kr-1.0-mac.zip 32 MB
HalloweenN2_kr-1.0-pc.zip 48 MB

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really enjoyed the game; it was very funny and neat to see a gameplay departure from the first halloween night. i love the art style; very cute and charming. if a halloween night 3 is in the works, i look forward to it!


Thanks! I'm planning to make a prequel in 2021!

Well this was just adorable! I love the art style, the story and the super cute ending (I only got the regular ending but it just made me melt!). Now that I've actually read the hints for the other endings I'll probably definitely aim to get them now haha!

For what is such a simple premise the game carries itself really well, and I got really invested in the two main characters, wondering how things would pan out. You've got a really neat little universe here, and I'd love to see more of it! I'll be playing the first Halloween Night game pretty soon for sure, this one has got me hooked!

Keep up the awesome work, this was a nice little early Halloween surprise =)


Wow, thanks lol

I really enjoyed this, though should have read the instructions before starting I continued to play it again to get to some of the other endings. I included it in a video I made of some of the submissions for the Ren'Py jam, I hope you don't mind. Good luck!


My pleasure, very cool game!

Your game is lovely